Editing a Folder

Editing a Folder

Editing a Folder


Are you looking to make changes to your research folder's details? No problem! Follow these simple steps:

Access the Research Folders

From the main navigation on the left, click on "Research Folders".

Locate the Folder

Scroll through your list of research folders or use the sort and filter options to find the one you want to edit quickly.

Editing Options

Once you've located the desired folder, click on the three vertical dots (⋮) to the right of the folder name. This will reveal a dropdown menu.

Click 'Edit'

From the dropdown menu, select the 'Edit' option.

Edit Folder Details

A modal window will pop up, allowing you to update the folder's name, description, or any other available fields.

Save Changes

After making your desired changes, click on the 'Save' or 'Update' button within the modal to ensure your edits are saved.

All Set!

Once saved, your changes will reflect immediately in the research folder list.

Note: If you experience any issues or require further assistance, please navigate to the "Support" section from the main menu or reach out to our team.