Deleting a Research Project

Deleting a Research Project

Deleting a Research Project


Select the Project

The first thing you should do is identify and select the project you wish to delete. Each project card has its title and other details to help you pinpoint the right one.

Click on the Options Menu

Each project card has an ellipsis (three dots) icon that represents an options menu. Click on it.

Choose 'Delete'

After you've clicked the ellipsis, a dropdown menu will appear with several options. One of them, as visible in the image, is "Delete.” Click on that.

Confirm the Deletion

You will be prompted with a confirmation message before permanently deleting something. This is a safety measure to ensure you don't accidentally erase something important. When prompted, confirm that you do indeed want to delete the project.

Check for Feedback

After you confirm the deletion, the interface will provide feedback that the project was deleted successfully. This will be in the form of a notification and the removal of the project card from the display.

A couple of non-obvious safety considerations:

Backup Before Deleting: Before deleting any project, especially if it contains valuable data, it's good practice to ensure there's a backup somewhere. Even if the system has its own backup mechanism, having your own copy is a safe move.

Understand the Scope: Ensure you understand what's getting deleted. For instance, does deleting a project also delete its associated interviews, transcripts, translations, etc.? Or are those kept in a different area? This might not be immediately obvious from the UI, so it might require a dive into the user manual or support documents.