Deleting a Folder

Deleting a Folder

Deleting a Folder


Decided you no longer need a particular research folder? You can easily remove it. Here's how:

Navigate to Research Folders

Click on "Research Folders" from the main left-side menu.

Find the Folder

Scroll or search to locate the folder you wish to delete.

Access Options

To the right of the folder you want to delete, click on the three vertical dots (⋮) to reveal a dropdown menu.

Choose 'Delete'

From the dropdown options, click on 'Delete'.

Confirm Deletion

A confirmation screen will pop up. This is to ensure you don't accidentally delete important data. Confirm your decision by clicking 'Yes' or 'Confirm'.

Folder Deleted

After confirming, the folder will be removed from your list. Remember, this action is irreversible; once deleted, the folder cannot be recovered.

Safety Note: Before deleting, double-check to ensure it's the correct folder, and consider creating a backup if the folder contains crucial data.