Adding a New Folder

Adding a New Folder

Adding a New Folder


Accessing the Research Folders Page

From the left navigation pane, click on the "Research Folders" menu item. This will bring you to the "Research Folders" page.

Options to Add a New Folder

You have two ways to initiate the creation of a new research folder:

  • Use the "+" button: Located next to the "Research Folders" label on the navigation pane.
  • Use the "New Folder" button: Located on the upper right corner of the "Research Folders" page.

Entering Folder Details

After clicking on either of the above options, a new dialog box or page will likely appear, prompting you to:

  • Name the Folder: Give your research folder a descriptive name for easy identification.
  • Provide Additional Details: Depending on the platform's features, you may be prompted to provide additional details or descriptions for the folder.
  • Set Permissions or Accessibility: Some platforms allow you to set who can view or modify the folder. Make sure to set the appropriate permissions if this feature exists.

Saving the Folder

After providing all the necessary details, look for the “Create” button in the dialog box or page. Click on it to finalize the creation of your new research folder.


Your newly created folder should now appear in the list of "Research Folders" on the page.

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