Adding a Folder to a Project

Adding a Folder to a Project

Adding a Folder to a Research Project


Grouping research data can be invaluable, especially when you're juggling multiple projects. Follow these steps to add an existing research folder to a specific project:

Navigate to Research Folders

On the main left-side menu, click on "Research Folders."

Locate the Folder

Scroll or search through your list to find the folder you wish to add to a project.

Edit Folder Options

To the right of your desired folder, click on the three vertical dots (⋮) to display a dropdown menu.

Select 'Edit'

Click on the 'Edit' option from the dropdown.

Choose a Project

In the window that appears, you'll see an option to select a project. Choose the project to which you want to add the folder.

Save Changes

Once you've selected the appropriate project, confirm and save your changes.

Folder Added

Your chosen folder is now linked to the specified project. Access it anytime from that project's workspace.

Quick Tip: You can add a folder to multiple projects. If you're unsure about where you've added a folder, check its properties for a list of associated projects.